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Horizontal knitting machine


Technical parameters | model               

36 spindle horizontal knitting machine  (KM36-55BW) 

Maximum braided outer diameter


Number of braided wires / ingot

Φ0.35mm(1-7strip)         Φ0.30mm(1-12strip)   Φ0.25mm(2-12strip)
Φ0.15mm(4-12strip)        Φ0.12mm(7-12strip)

Spindle speed

55RPM (The actual speed is determined by the braided wire and pitch. The factory value is set to 40rpm, which is the general best speed recommended by our company.)

Maximum production speed

821m/h  (According to the maximum production pitch x maximum speed, the actual speed is determined by the braided wire and pitch)

Pitch adjustment range

20-90mm  72-360mm  Stepless and adjustable in sections

Host motor power

Knitting machine:380V  7.5KW 

Host control

AC variable frequency control host

Traction mode

Crawler traction and mechanical linkage of knitting machine

Coil specification


Specification of doubling roller

100mm*135mm(Full copper wire≈6Kg)

Take-up motor

Torque motor 4n/m lifting motor 380V 1.1KW (simple)

Applicable to braided silk

1. Braided wire can be soft copper wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, stainless steel wire, polyester wire, etc;

2. The elongation of soft copper wire is not less than 10-17%, and the elongation of aluminum magnesium alloy wire is 3-5%;

3. The elongation of stainless steel wire is 38-45%; Tensile strength 700-730mpa (in φ 0.20mm).

Equipment selection

1. One host

2. 1600 simple split independent take-up and take-off rack, one set each / end shaft take-up, drainage and put one set

3. One set of wire drawing machine

4. One set of 12 head untwisted paying off frame

5. One 800kg crawler tractor

The remarks of special requirements shall be clearly put forward at the time of signing the contract after both parties reach an agreement, otherwise it is invalid to put forward afterwards