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Vertical knitting machine


Technical parameters | model

24 spindle sealed high-speed knitting machine    (KM24-120QME) 

Maximum braided outer diameter


Number of braided wires / ingot

Φ0.25mm(1-7strip)   Φ0.15mm(1-13strip)     
Φ0.12mm(2-13strip)  Φ0.08mm(3-13strip)    

Spindle speed

120RPM (The actual speed is determined by the braided wire and pitch. The factory value is set to 100RPM, which is the general best speed recommended by our company.)

Maximum production speed

624m/h     (According to the maximum production pitch x maximum speed, the actual speed is determined by the braided wire and pitch)

Pitch adjustment range

11.6mm-104mm shift gears are adjusted in stages (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Host motor power

380V    2.2KW



Coil specification


Skeleton specification


Pay off reel shaft hole


Total weight of machine



Equipment configuration

1. New easy maintenance circuit device 2. Pitch adjustment device

3. Free adjustment device for knitting point 4. Monitoring device for longitudinal wrapped metal belt breakage

5. Braided wire tension adjusting device 6. Device for freely adjusting the width of winding reel

7. Automatic stop device for braided wire breaking 8. Frequency conversion control device

9. Automatic refueling device


Description of braided silk

1. Braided wire can be soft copper wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, stainless steel wire, polyester wire, cotton thread, etc;

2. The elongation of soft copper wire is not less than 10-17%, and the elongation of aluminum magnesium alloy wire is 3-5%;

3. The elongation of stainless steel wire is 38-45%; Tensile strength 700-730mpa (in φ 0.20mm).

The remarks of special requirements shall be clearly put forward at the time of signing the contract after both parties reach an agreement, otherwise it is invalid to put forward afterwards